Collaborate with an established network of experienced research sites

Have access to a network of over 60 research sites covering a wide range of therapeutic areas

Sponsor Services

As a sponsor you have a number of difficult choices to make. However, CRP offers sponsors a unique opportunity to work with an established network of experienced research sites.

Our services to our sponsor

CRP works closely with its affiliated clinicians in primary care and hospitals. We bring clinical trials to whichever practice or clinic is suitable and we assist in conducting trials at these location.

As a Site Management Organization (SMO) we are able to complete the entire clinical research process for your clinical trial at any practice or clinic. CRP will handle budgets and contracts, assist with regulatory submissions and data management. Our staff are highly experienced, and documentation quality is of the highest level.

When running clinical trials, CRP unburdens you, the sponsor in the execution of your clinical trial, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and patient care.

This is done by providing excellent services to aid and assist you such as:

Streamlined site selection

CRP connects sponsors with our network of research sites using a single point of contact. This allows for centralized study start-up by tapping into the CRP database for site and investigator CV’s and recruitment metrics. There is no prolonged wait for study documentation to be returned. CRP works with sponsors and its network to reduce start up timelines.

Centralized communication (one point-of-contact)

Running a multi-site clinical study is no mean feat. Working with multiple sites can be burdensome and time consuming. In order to streamline study start-up and communication during the study, CRP uses streamlined communication for excellent flexibility and reduced turnaround times.

Site relationship management

CRP has well established collaboration with clinicians with interest and experience in nearly all therapeutic areas. Through this collaboration sponsors can benefit from the wide range of sites and locations from the CRP network. We know where to send your proposition for a new clinical trial.

Budget negotiations

Budget negotiations are essential to the success both in future and current clinical trials. CRP negotiates on behalf of the network sites to ensure short turnaround times for your clinical trial budgets. One contract streamlines the process.

Feasibility Completion

A feasibility questionnaire is the first step to getting clinical trials to a practice.

No-one likes paperwork, but CRP assists practices and clinics in filling out the questionnaires. By keeping practice-metrics on file, we can complete the feasibility questionnaires and ensure correct and timely submissions.

National and Local Community outreach

Patient recruitment is in essence a community enterprise. It is all about mobilizing the communities to support research into new promising therapies and advertise study opportunities. For each study CRP develops a plan to reach out to the required patient population.

Therapeutic Areas

CRP has experience in recruiting patients for the following therapeutic areas: