Conducting Clinical Trials Together

Collaborate with a flexible network of over 60 experienced research sites providing high-quality and cutting edge healthcare to patients

About Us

The Clinical Research Platform (CRP) is a unique network of clinicians and supportive parties across the primary care and hospital divide, with interest and experience in performing clinical trials. Through supporting clinicians across this spectrum, we bring an advantage and flexibility in patient recruitment and study execution. We provide dedicated independent Site Management Organization (SMO) services to all our clinicians and sites, enabling them to engage in trials at a professional level while unburdening them from the red tape of trial management. We provide our trial sponsors with a streamlined, responsive and effective single point of contact. The CRP works with over 60 clinical trial site and deals with trial sponsors across Europe. With a focus on Phase II to Phase IV clinical trials, we provide services from feasibility to site selection, patient recruitment, to close-out visit and more.

Our Company


We believe in empowering clinicians who want to bring trial opportunities to their patients. We bring a flexibility and responsiveness to both our clinicians, sites and to study sponsors. Through our extensive network of research sites, we will match our sites to suitable clinical trial projects and provide the necessary support to make research possible. We continue to manage research projects by providing excellent, experienced research staff, while operating in a fast and responsive manner to ensure swift execution at highest quality standards.


CRP was established in 2015 by experienced pharmaceutical, managerial and clinical trial experts with the aim to create a collaborative network of research sites acquiring and executing more sponsored clinical research. Key to this collaboration is the flexibility of the network and wide range of therapeutic areas that can be covered as well as excellent patient recruitment and patient retention capabilities of our research sites.

Key Elements of CRP

“Collaborate with a flexible organization that really cares” A quote by Clinical Research Platform


CRP is built on years of pharmaceutical, managerial and clinical trial experience. Together with excellent nursing staff we can take on any research project.


CRP makes research possible by offering full support for investigators and sites. We work closely with and guide the sites, supporting them through a study journey from feasibility to study close-out.


In preparation for and while conducting clinical trials, CRP distinguishes itself by quick reaction times, open and honest communication and flexibility towards both clinicians and sponsors.


Working in clinical research presents significant challenges. In order to progress the development of new and promising treatments, we place a high value on the adaptibility of our services to ensure we overcome any obstacle or crisis.


By working in established Primary Care practices, hospitals and in conjunction with patients support networks, CRP can deliver high recruitment numbers for any study. With support from our research staff CRP ensures timely recruitment for studies.


Working with the loyal patient base from our research sites CRP can maintain extremely high patient retention through patient trust and existing patient relationships.


Our platform is based on collaboration. Clinical research is a team effort between sponsors, our research staff and our sites. Together we make it happen.


CRP is all about quality. Clinical research revolves around quality; quality of patient care and quality of data. Our clients, patients and CRP expect the highest quality.