Conducting Clinical Trials Together

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Clinicians: Join us now!

As a clinician you have a unique opportunity to conduct clinical trial research within your practice or clinic by becoming a principal or sub investigator for CRP run clinical trials.

What we have on offer

CRP works closely with you as an affiliated clinician. We bring clinical trials to your practice and assist you in conducting these trials within your practice.

We are able to complete the entire clinical research process for your clinical trial at your practice or clinic. CRP will acquire the clinical trials, handle budgets and contracts, assist with regulatory submissions and data management. Our staff are highly experienced, and documentation quality is of the highest level.

When running clinical trials, CRP enables and unburdens you and the practice in the execution of your clinical trials, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and patient care.

This is done by providing excellent services to aid and assist you such as:

Study Discoveries

CRP looks after your interests in the various therapeutic areas of your choice. We follow the latest news and trends and use our relationships with sponsors and CROs to ensure we generate the required leads for your practice.

Feasibility completion

A feasibility questionnaire is the first step to getting clinical trials to your practice. No-one likes paperwork, but CRP will assist you in handling this necessary evil. By keeping practice-metrics on file, we can complete the sponsor’s feasibility questionnaires and ensure correct and timely submissions.

Study Management

Running clinical trials in a busy practice? CRP will provide full study management to make research possible. Clinicians can remain focused on the best possible patient care while CRP takes care of the rest.

Site contracts

Smooth site agreement negotiations are crucial for the success of a clinical trial. CRP acknowledges the importance of well-organized and managed negotiations. CRP provides clinicians with the appropriate experience and knowledge on the processes, the role of the different players in a clinical trial, and the local laws and regulations.

Budget negotiations

Budget negotiations are essential to the success of your practice both in future and current opportunities. Using years of negotiation experience CRP ensures you get the best possible deal in contracted budgets.

Expense management

Travel expenses and patient reimbursement for clinical trials is common place.

Rather than you the clinician having to deal with the burden of the administrative work, CRP provides expense management in order make sure patient payments are made correctly and in a timely manner, while clinicians can remain focussed on patient care.

GCP documents and GCP training review

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is the international quality standard for the design, conduct, performance of clinical trials. The goal of GCP is to ensure the protection of the rights, integrity, confidentiality and safety of clinical trial participants and to ensure the credibility and accuracy of data and reported results. In line with International standards the CRP require investigators and site staff to complete GCP training prior to participating in each clinical trial to foster GCP. CRP conducts pre-study GCP training as well as yearly refresher training.

Subject recruitment management

Reaching recruitment targets on time is a challenge. CRP provides services to accelerate subject recruitment and recruitment management in compliance with GDPR.

Subject retention management

Subjection retention is essential for complete data collection for clinical trials. CRP retention strategies strategies include supporting and educating research nurses, providing empathy and respect, including patients in decisions, negotiating with visitors, alleviating symptoms, and supporting a plan of care consistent with both the research protocol and the patient's recovery.

Quality Control

At the CRP, Quality Control is at the front of everything we do. All details of the study protocol are strictly followed; Local standard operating procedures (SOPs) are written to ensure that each aspect of the protocol is followed, and international legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements are always top-of-mind. Our Quality Manager maintains close relationships with site staff and are always audit ready.

Subject safety management

Monitoring patient safety during clinical trials is a critical component throughout the drug development life-cycle. Clinical adverse events always have complex causes involving patient characteristics, drug properties and often many other factors. CRP can assist in providing the necessary comprehensive reporting packages for (serious) Adverse Events or (S)AEs.

Study compliance

Our experienced Research Coordinators, Research Nurses and Data Managers will assist you in ensuring that your practice or clinic conducts research in strict accordance with the study protocol.

Site staffing

Interested in clinical research, but missing the appropriate resources to conduct clinical trials? CRP provides excellent research nurses and research assistant to run clinical trials in your practice.

Logistics Management

In study preparation phase, CRP will assume responsibility for the logistic management. This may include; sourcing pharmacy, laboratory or other services. Ensuring that all required logistic elements of each study are in place and managed centrally.

Community / home visit services

Not all studies are run in the practice and in some cases patient care is provided in the community or even at the patient’s home. CRP can facilitate community or home visit services for even the most difficult of studies.

Sponsor relationship management

CRP has well established collaboration with major sponsors and CROs for studies in nearly every therapeutic area. Through this collaboration sites in the CRP network benefit when applying for new study opportunities. CRP manages the sponsor relationships and provides CRP sites with a wide range of potentional studies to choose from.

Therapeutic Areas

CRP have experience in almost every therapeutic area.